BURNETT COUNTY -- Burnett County Highway Department and Burnett County Sheriff request the public’s help with tips about who is littering county and state highways with dirty diapers.

County Highway Commissioner Mike Hoefs writes:

“I thought I’d share a strange story with your DrydenWire.com readers that we are dealing with at the highway department. Your readers may find it interesting and maybe they can help us out.

 “Down in the southwest corner of Burnett County and into northern Polk County, someone has been leaving used diapers wrapped in plastic grocery bags randomly on the local roads and state highways.

“This has been occurring for months and there appears to be an increase of droppings as of late. We’ve been referring to this offender as ‘The Diaper Bandit.’

"It’s always one diaper per bag and the dump location is never the same. We’ve received a number of calls on this from people in the area to which it’s our duty to pick up the litter.

 “I’ve informed the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department of the matter. I’ve also asked those who’ve reported the littering to be on the lookout for the offender. 

“I’d prefer not to spend public dollars to clean this up. We have more important matters to tend to.

 “Just thought I’d share. Thanks to your readers for any help they can provide. Michael R. Hoefs, Highway Commissioner.”

Anyone with information about The Diaper Bandit is asked to call the non-emergency number at Burnett County Sheriff’s Department: 715-349-2121.

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