POLK COUNTY -- A Disaster Declaration for Polk County was signed on Saturday by the County Board Chair following the severe storms that ripped through Polk County, according to a press release from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

(Press Release) — At approximately 5:10pm on Friday, July 19, 2019,  Polk County had a strong storm enter the northwest corner of the county.  Winds were reported in excess of 84mph.  Hail and heavy rainfall amounts accompanied this weather event.  The storm continued across Polk County in a South East direction. 

Communities included in the path of this were Cushing, Frederic, Luck, Milltown, Centuria, Balsam Lake, Clayton and Turtle Lake. 

Our County sustained damage to buildings, power lines, property, and trees. 

Flash flooding occurred. Presently there are approximately 6,925 residents of Polk County without power according to utility providers.

On the morning of Saturday, July 20, 2019, Polk County Board Chairman Dean Johansen signed a Disaster Declaration for Polk County, Wisconsin. This declaration will allow Polk County Emergency Management to seek disaster funding if recovery costs exceed established thresholds.

The Emergency Management Coordination for Polk County is being handled by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Division of Emergency Management. Any questions regarding Emergency Management in Polk County or requests for assistance should be directed to Chief Deputy Chad Roberts via e-mail at chad.roberts@co.polk.wi.us or by calling the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Center at 715-485-8300.

Last Update: Jul 21, 2019 1:12 pm CDT

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