In response to Washburn County Sheriff Terry Dryden's Letter to the Washburn County Board, Washburn County Board Supervisor Lynn Hoeppner posted the following response on DrydenWire's Facebook page.

Good job Sheriff Dryden! As the Supervisor from District 11, and as the former County Clerk, I would echo your feelings and concerns. Lolita Olson is a person of intelligence, integrity, fairness and a hard worker. She is very capable of doing her job. To say she in overwhelmed is questionable. She was granted an additional full time person in her office and that person has been done a great job of getting up to speed with the workings of the Clerk's. Also, that office just went through a total presidential recount with flying colors - not as easy feat - and never missed a beat. She was asked to do a job and has attempted to do that job. It seems that in the execution of those responsibilities, her authority has been removed for reasons other than her ability. The County Board is meant to make policy, not manage departments or department heads. That is why we have hired or appointed these people. I am also very disturbed by the other recent happenings of the county board. The resignation of Mike Bobbin is a loss to the county. He was very intelligent and well informed and a big asset to the board. The cancellation of the joint meeting is also still not clear. The mention of an opinion of Jeff Koehler, County Corporation Counsel, is clearly missing in the reporting of this issue and leaves questions. These things are all connected and need to be discussed and addressed openly, honestly, and fairly so these problems can be resolved.

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