BURNETT COUNTY — As Burnett County hunters prepare for an active fall hunting season, your conservation wardens remind all the baiting and feeding ban for the county remains in effect for another year.

While the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will allow the baiting and feeding bans to expire on Oct. 5 in the three neighboring northwest counties of Washburn, Barron and Polk, ours in Burnett County continues until 2023.

Burnett County’s ban remains in effect for a third year because chronic wasting disease (CWD) was detected in the county, which triggered a three-year ban. The neighboring counties are held to a two-year ban because they are within 10 miles of the positive location. If additional CWD positives are detected in Burnett County, the ban will not be allowed to expire. But as of today, no other positives have been detected.

Bans In Effect In 3 Counties Until Oct. 5

We also remind hunters that baiting and feeding remains illegal in Washburn, Barron and Polk counties until Oct. 5, 2022.

We wardens urge hunters to check the baiting and feeding status of the county they’re hunting in before beginning any hunt.

The DNR implements the deer baiting and feeding bans to limit the spread of CWD, as it’s a fatal and highly contagious disease. Bans on baiting and feeding are established within a geographic range of any confirmed CWD case. Baiting and feeding encourage deer to congregate and have direct contact with each other, increasing the easy spread of the disease within the herd.

Voluntary compliance amongst hunters is the DNR’s goal. However, if appropriate, enforcement action with penalties will occur.

  • The deposit or placement of material to feed or attract deer comes with a fine from $343.50 to $1,000.
  • If you place bait that is under 5 gallons, the minimum citation is $343.50. If you place 5 to 25 gallons, the minimum citation is $544.50. And, if you place more than 25 gallons of bait, the minimum citation is $745.50. The maximum citation in all categories is $1,000.

Feeders for birds and other small mammals are permitted if they are within 50 yards of a home and at a height inaccessible to deer.

There are deer baiting and feeding regulations in 58 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. This will drop to 55 on Oct. 5 when the bans lift in the three northwest counties unless more CWD positives are made in the area. See the deer baiting and feeding regulations for all counties and learn more about CWD on the DNR’s Baiting and Feeding Regulations webpage.

The 2022 archery and crossbow deer seasons began on Sept. 17, followed by special seasons for hunters with disabilities and youth hunters. The gun deer season runs Nov. 19–27, followed by the muzzleloader hunt Nov. 28–Dec. 7 and antlerless hunts in December.

-- Per DNR Warden Dustin Gabrielson of Webster; Warden Chris Spaight of Grantsburg; Warden Jesse Ashton of Polk County; and Warden Peter Carlson of Frederic.

[Pictured L/R: Chris Spaight; Dustin Gabrielson; Jesse Ashton; & Peter Carlson]

Last Update: Sep 27, 2022 10:10 am CDT

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