(WRN) -- If you’re looking to get your hunting and fishing licenses online this year, make sure you’re doing it in the right place.

Kimberly Currie with the DNR says scammers set up very similar looking websites at genuine sounding web addresses. 

“We have a growing number of people who like to use online services, and we want to make sure they’re using our site and not an imposter.”

It’s a lot like how there are websites that pose as the DMV or other state agencies. “If you read the small print, they’re pretty direct in telling you they’re not an official state website, but they will charge you a fee and often they just give you a pamphlet on how you can reach our website.”

Currie says one way to always be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for is to head to a trusted local retailer. “Sporting good stores, hardware shops, bait and tackle shops across the state of Wisconsin, who are ready, willing and able to assist you in that process.”

You can also head online to http://gowild.wi.gov to use the state’s official online system, or use the Go Wild app on your smartphone. 

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