The Hunt Wild Wisconsin mobile application is back for 2019 with everything Wisconsin hunters need in the field. The app shows property boundaries and shooting hours and new this year, hunters can find chronic wasting disease sampling stations and deer carcass disposal locations.

Users can find new public lands to explore, brush up on the regulations or listen to podcasts all with Hunt Wild Wisconsin. With mobile mapping, up to the minute shooting hours and more, hunters have all the tools to focus on what's important - enjoying your time in the outdoors.

"After we rolled out the Hunt Wild Wisconsin app for 2018, we were thrilled to receive positive reviews from hunters using the app in the field. We also listened to feedback, and we've incorporated new features for the 2019 season based on hunter responses," said Tami Ryan, acting Wildlife Management bureau director. "One new feature we're excited about for this year is the in-app way to look up CWD sampling and deer carcass disposal location. Now hunters can easily find nearby options to help them plan their post-hunt logistics. Also new for 2019 are coding upgrades to enhance hunter's experience with the app."

What hasn't changed are all the features that drew hunters to Hunt Wild Wisconsin in the first place, like up-to-the-minute shooting hours, species-specific mobile mapping and price - it's free.

To download this free hunting app on a mobile phone, search "Hunt App" on the DNR website,, to find links to download from the iTunes app store or Google Play store on the mobile device. Be sure to check out a helpful tutorial to help navigate the app and learn its features.

This free mobile app has tons of features that will help improve your time in the field:

  • Tailored mapping with hunting zones and prime habitat layers based on the species you're pursuing so you can zero in on your next hunting spot. You build your experience based on your hunt;
  • Find deer carcass disposal locations inside the app. Knowing your disposal location makes proper carcass handling more convenient so you can protect the herd and keep going with your day;
  • Access your maps (including topographic maps and land boundaries) plus rules, regs and hunting hours with (or without) a cell signal;
  • Tailor the map to your hunt - save your favorite hunting location or feature of interest;
  • Save your trails for those early morning walk-ins;
  • Shooting hours are automatically determined by your location;
  • An easy-to-read summary of regulations, all in one place - everything you need to know, right in the palm of your hand (with or without a cellular connection);
  • Access to your Go Wild account allows you to purchase new hunting licenses, harvest authorizations and permits; and
  • Use GameReg in the field to register your harvest with the Hunt Wild Wisconsin app.

For support regarding the Hunt Wild Wisconsin mobile application, contact

Find download information and a tutorial by searching the DNR website,, for keywords "hunt app."

Last Update: Aug 28, 2019 9:54 am CDT

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