SPOONER, Wis. -- Katie Folstad recently sat down with DrydenWire.com for our 4th Dock Talk at the Dock Coffee in downtown Spooner. The Dock Talk is a twice-monthly segment where we chat with a member of our community in a Q-and-A format.
What kind of coffee are you drinking today?  
Americano with an extra shot of espresso and room for cream.
Is Coffee a Regular part your day?
Coffee is definitely a regular part of my day.  I hate to say that I "need" it, but yeah...I really do!  And I drink it most of the day.  But in the evenings I love green tea.
You grew up in Shell Lake, correct?
I was born in the U.P. in Marquette, MI.  I lived there until I was about 7 years old.  From that point on, I did grow up in Shell Lake.  I lived on the North side of the lake -- my parents, Tom & Mary Butler, still live there.  I got to grow up living next to my grandparents, which was pretty awesome!  And I graduated from Shell Lake High School in 2000.
I’ve heard that you are related to the Reinhart family in some way, is that true? 
I am related to the Reinhart's.  The grandparents that I grew up next to are Darrel and Kathy (better known as Tip & Kak) Reinhart.  Amazing people!  My great-uncle, DeWayne "D.B." Reinhart started Reinhart Foods and some other companies, and my gramps worked with him.  Uncle DeWayne was a wonderful man.
Did you have any desire in going into the family business? 
I never really thought about it as that...A "family business."  But I had honestly never thought about being any sort of sales person...until recently.
So where has your career led you today? 
I am in real estate now.  I work with Edina Realty out of the Spooner office.  I was introduced into real estate by Mr. Vic Sacco, who is actually my teammate.  He's beyond fantastic to work with!  I love the job, and I love the people I am able to meet doing the job!  It's great!
I’ve chatted with Vic several times - good guy.  How did you end up working with him?    
Yeah, Vic is a great guy.  I met him 2 years ago when my husband, Joel, and I were looking to buy a house for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who were moving back here after 25 years in Texas.  I told Joel that the only person I wanted to ask to help us find a place was Vic Sacco because I had seen his name all over and heard great things about him.  I called Vic up and we set up a tour date to look at several properties.  We spent pretty much an entire day with Vic, and we all hit it off really well.  He and I had things in common, and he had quite a bit in common with my hubby, too.  Vic asked me if I had ever thought about getting into real estate.  I laughed and gave him a huge "nope!"  I ended up helping him with some administrative work here and there after that, and then he started talking to me again about getting my real estate sales license and asked me to partner up with him.  I couldn't pass that up!  I mean, a guy like Vic wants me to be his teammate?  Are you serious?  So long story short, after some personal issues here and there along the way, I took the courses, passed the tests, and received my sales license in March.  I have been working with Vic for the last couple of months and it's been awesome!
What do you think Vic saw in you that made it a no-brainer for him to partner up with you?
I can't say for sure what he saw.  My amazingly awesome personality?!  Hahahaha!  But really, I know he likes that I am organized!  I love paperwork and computer work, so that definitely helps.  I like meeting new people and learning about them.  I really think that the fact that I have lived in the area most of my life is a huge asset.  And I do have a pretty great personality!
So what are you and Vic working on?  Have big plans, the two of you? 
Well, we are always up to something!  We are constantly trying to think of ways to better assist our buyers and sellers.  We use a "main price point" philosophy, offer land staging education, and use local professional photography and videography to help market properties for our sellers.  We also offer a great Home Warranty.  We are involved in multiple home shows in the Twin Cities and Rochester to showcase our amazing area and the homes here.  Our regional coverage is huge, which helps clients compare and contrast different lakes, lifestyles, and budgets.  We are also enrolled in Edina's Exceptional Properties program, for properties of $500k and higher.  We bring a high level of service and technology to the Northwoods, which is much needed! 
Is this unique to our area?
I'm sure that there are many agents that do a couple or a few of these things, but I don't know of anyone else that does all of this every day for their clients.
So, if someone was looking for property or a home, why should they call you and/or Vic?
Honestly, I think Vic is easily one of the best Realtors in the area, hands down.  He knows the business, he knows the market, and he truly loves helping people find what they are looking for in a home or cabin.  Having grown up here, I know so much about the area.  And really, when you call us, you're getting two for the price of one, and that's always a good thing!  But I think the biggest thing is our community involvement.  Between the two of us, we are involved with the Spooner Chamber of Commerce, Washburn County Tourism, Spooner Rodeo Parade Committee, Hunt Hill and Long Lake Preservation, Shell Lake Sailing Club, Spooner Area Community Choir, Military Veterans charities, and local church groups and councils.  Obviously, this area is important to us!
What are three things that most people probably don’t know about you?
  1. Maybe quite a few people know this, but I have 4 daughters; Jade, Kora, Ella & Sophie.  They're hilarious and crazy and amazing!
  2. I am married to a great guy, Joel.  He's a US Army Veteran, and a residential contractor in the area; amazing at what he does.  He makes me laugh every single day!
  3. I love to sing.  I sing at churches, programs, benefits, weddings, etc.  It's one of my favorite things, but I get REALLY nervous!

If someone reading this has questions for you, how do they get hold of you?

They can get a hold of me on my cell, 715-529-2915.  Send me an email, katiefolstad@edinarealty.com, or they can stop by the office and say hi some time!!


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