Did you know that it's important for horses to learn cues from the ground? "This is because it simplifies anything you ask of them," says T&J Equine Training founder, Tiana Dryden.

"For example, if you are doing groundwork and you ask your horse to back up, by using the vocal cue 'back' they associate that word with the action of backing. When you get in the saddle and ask them to 'back' it will be more clear to them and their response rate will be quicker than if you try to teach it from the saddle first. When you add in more variables (your weight shifting, a bit, leg position, rein pressure, etc..) it gets more mentally exhausting for a horse, especially if your variables aren’t always consistent."

Tiana says that T&J Equine Training now offers groundwork sessions so you can communicate with your horse with clear and honest cues.


T&J Equine Training, LLC was founded by Tiana Dryden to help horse owners give their horses the exercise they need to stay in shape or get into shape. T&J offers other services such as groundwork, exercise, conditioning, trail riding, and riding lessons. Owners are welcome to watch the sessions and even participate if they choose. You don't have to stress about hauling your horse(s) for sessions. Tiana started this business to help horse owners as much as she can, so she decided to make this a traveling business, she comes to you.

Over the years, Tiana has helped many people put miles on their horses and even some mules. She has been blessed to meet some amazing trainers like Tina Langness and Byron Hall and she got to see first-hand the different styles of training and how there isn’t just one way to train a horse. Tiana has been working with horses since she was 15 years old, she first started training her own horse that she competed on for 5 years and it grew into her traveling to people's houses to help other horse owners exercise and condition their horses.

You can learn about this by visiting their website at TJEquinetraining.com or find them on Facebook at T&J Equine Training, LLC.

Last Update: Mar 01, 2023 1:46 pm CST

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