Outdoor Hockey is the Best!

The Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association (SAYHA) last week discussed the importance of Youth Hockey in the Spooner Area.  But, you may be wondering, why would anyone want to play outdoors? 

According to Kim of Duluth Moms Blog; there are 5 reason Outdoor Hockey is the Best Hockey. 

#1 – Outdoor hockey bonds kids of all ages. Many Fridays (and other days for that matter) if you go down to the outdoor you will see kids of all ages playing “Rink Rat” hockey. “Rink Rat” is the name of a pick up game of hockey. Last Friday night in Spooner you would have seen 3 and 4 year olds down on the open rink and 5 – 50 year olds playing a pick up game on the boarded rink. The picture below is of the “old guys.”

#2 – Outdoor hockey builds community. SAYHA typically provides hot chocolate and other items (in the past weeks there has been pizza, hot dogs, pulled pork) for the Rink Rats. As food is consumed, talk is of hockey and life. Next Friday, January 26th the SAYHA Squirt team will be playing Hayward at 7pm at the Outdoor Rink. The Squirts have invited Hayward to grab a bite to eat and build community. Come on down and catch the game.

#3 – Outdoor hockey separates the boys from the men (or the girls form the women!) – SAYHA directs parents and players to use their discretion when it comes to temperature. However, when you think of below zero temps and stay in, SAYHA members are thinking – “what a great day to flood the rink!” 

#4 – Outdoor hockey build character – SAYHA members overhear players all the time stating “I can’t wait to be outside!” Weather the players know it or not, they are learning to help each other, be part of the community and have something they can take pride in.

#5 – Outdoor hockey creates lifelong memories – when SAYHA players think back to their hockey careers, they will have a unique outdoor experience that many of their friends may not. Freezing temps, watching hockey dad’s Zamboni the ice, flooding the rink, playing with kids of all ages and taking pride in their community will go with them through their life!

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This Weeks Highlights

The Icemen (High School Aged Hockey team that includes Spooner Area Players) played two games at the Spooner Civic Center. SAYHA players were announced during the game and Mites players – Korbin Fox and Trace Marino carried the Icemen Flag out onto the ice.

Games continued for Mites, Squirts, Bantams and Peewees

Player Highlights

Joey Romportl

  • Player’s Name:  Joey Romportl
  • Player’s School Grade:  4th
  • School Player Attends:  Spooner Elementary 
  • What SAYHA team does your player play for: Squirts
  • What does Joey like the most about playing hockey?:  Having fun and spending time with friends!
  • When did Joey start playing hockey?:  4 years old
  • What are our Joey’s strengths on the ice?:  passing & encouraging team mates 
  • What is Joey working on on the ice?:  skating faster & getting more goals
  • Other fun facts about Joey: Joey likes to go fishing, ride his dirt bike and spend time with friends! 

Grady Haskins

  • Player’s Name:  Grady Haskins
  • Player’s School Grade: 1st
  • School Player Attends:  Spooner Elementary 
  • What SAYHA team does your player play for: Mites
  • What does Grady like the most about playing hockey?:  Playing and spending time with his friends at the outdoor rink
  • When did Grady start playing hockey?:  When he was four
  • What are our Grady’s strengths on the ice?:  All of the kids enjoy playing the game with their teammates!
  • What is Grady working on on the ice?:  Stickhandling and shooting

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