Is it true that having my child participate in hockey is expensive?

The cost of participation in The Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association (SAYHA) is A LOT less expensive than other associations. One of the goals of the SAYHA Board of Directors is to keep the cost of hockey as low as possible to allow as many players to participate as possible. The following registration fees include the SAYHA registration and USA Hockey registration fee for the 2017-2018 year.  

  • Registration fees for Learn to Skate - $0
  • Registration fees for Mite level - $50
  • Registration fees for Squirt level -  $200
  • Registration fees for Peewee level - $250
  • Registration fee for Bantam level -  $300
  • The First Year any level - $0 - FREE!

Other costs that are involved are for fundraising, equipment and travel. SAYHA has used fundraising as a way to purchase equipment, pay for ice fees and tournament fees. Each player is asked to fundraise a certain amount by selling Gun Raffle tickets and Soup. Additionally, volunteer hours such as working concessions, laying and maintaining outdoor ice, picking up recycled aluminum cans, committees, coaching and board membership is asked of each player. 

Real Life Example:

1 Mite Player for the 2017-2018 season

  • Paid $50 Registration Fee
  • Sold 30 Gun Raffle Tickets
  • Sold 1 box bacon and 2 soups for Soup Fundraiser 
  • This Mite and family volunteered 15 hours (concessions, laying ice, assisting with picking up cans to be recycled) 
  • Traveled to Duluth for a Tournament (wasn't required) - Gas to get there and back, food day of tournament

What this Mite Received through SAYHA for the 2017-2018 season:

  • 5 Safe Sport Certified Coaches (5 coaches for 26 kids - that's a 5:1 ratio!)
  • All equipment checked out to this Mite for the season - skates, jersey, pads (elbow, knee, shoulder, breezers), stick, helmet and a bag for equipment. (Everything the Mite needed to play hockey)
  • Ice Time at the Civic Center for practice before outdoor ice was ready 
  • Ice Time at the Civic Center for early season scrimmage
  • Lots of hockey learning, team building and fun!

This Week's Highlights

Bantam Team takes 3rd place in Siren Tournament

Squirts Take 2nd in Grantsburg Tournament

After the Tournament - Squirts stopped by jersey sponsor A&W (Facebook).

Player Highlight

  • Players Name - Andrew Hazel
  • Players School Grade - 1st Grade
  • School Player Attends - Spooner Elementary
  • What SAYHA team does your player play for  - Mites
  • What does the player like the most about playing hockey? Having fun and improving his abilities on the ice
  • When did the player start playing hockey? This season (7 years old)
  • What are the player's strengths on the ice? Hustle and determination 
  • What is the player working on on the ice? Stopping and handling/hitting the puck
  • Any other fun facts about the player? He’s excited to now be living in Wisconsin and having an opportunity to now play hockey.

It is a tradition that a player who gets their first game goal receives a puck that is signed by their coaches. See Andrew's first goal video below:

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