As we continue to work on our's new all-in-one website, one of the new features will be county specific tabs/pages. Essentially, this means that our viewers can choose to click on one specific county tab if only interested in seeing published posts from/for that county.

Everything will still go on our main page on our website, however, these county-specific tabs/pages will offer our viewers - and advertisers - the ability only see (if desired) posts from the five counties we have selected to begin focusing on in 2018. We will also have category-specific tabs but that update is for a later post.

Today, we are announcing our 5 county-specific Facebook pages that will be used in conjunction with our county-specific tabs on our website.  Similar to our new website, our current DrydenWire Facebook page remain as the hub for everything and everything will be posted there. With these new Facebook pages, we will simply share the content from our DrydenWire Facebook page to the appropriate county-specific Facebook page.

It will be a while before we start populating each of these new Facebook pages, but for now, if you would like to only see our posts from one county, you can click any of the corresponding county images below to go directly to those Facebook pages to Like & Follow.

Barron County

Burnett County

Polk County

Sawyer County

Washburn County


Our "Hub" for all posts

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