DrydenWire.com is very excited to announce that we have created and donated a new logo and graphics for the Shell Lake Police Foundation.

Kara Vincent, a DrydenWire.com graphic designer, and co-owner of DrydenVine.com - the website design arm of DrydenWire.com - was the creative ninja for the new logo.

"I was honored to be able to give just a little thing back to the people that help support those that serve and protect us," Vincent said. "Plus it was fun to design such a kick-butt logo and I'm thrilled for it to be for the Shell Lake Police Foundation."

Ben Dryden, owner, and publisher of DrydenWire.com, and co-owner of DrydenVine.com worked closely with the dedicated members of the Shell Lake Police Foundation to update their logo.

The original logo for the Shell Lake Police Foundation

"After participating in a few recent SLPF meetings, it was clear that the non-profit organization had members that were passionate about what they were doing and Kara and I wanted to have their logo represent that passion," Dryden said. "knowing that the foundation was just recently founded and had little capital to pay for a new logo, we wanted to help them in anyway we could. I couldn't have been more pleased with how it turned out."

New logo donated by DrydenWire.com

In addition to the new logo sent with the background you see above, a white background, and a transparent background were created and the DrydenWire.com team also created a few Facebook cover and Twitter cover images for use. 

Facebook cover image option

Facebook cover image option 2

Twitter cover image option

You can check out the logos on the foundation's Facebook page and Twitter page - though, their twitter page is still be designed at this time. 

So what was the value of the logo and graphics donated?

"It was around $240 for the logo including multiple high-resolution formats," Dryden said. "With the additional social media concepts and designs - which we will still work on and provide a few more options - it came to about $300. In my opinion, for any business or organization seeking a professional and custom logo and graphics, it would be worth every penny. In this case, we were happy to create and donate this to the SLPF," Dryden concluded.

Ben Dryden and Kara Vincent of DrydenVine.com

With the addition of Robin Berlin to the DrydenWire.com team as our Marketing Director and additional graphic artist, we look to be able to offer so much more to our advertisers and to our community businesses and organizations, including the ability to fill the role as your business or organization's Marketing Department.

If you would like information on how you can advertise with DrydenWire.com, SawyerWire.com, or BurnettWire.com, need marketing information or help, you can email Robin at robinberlin.wire@gmail.com.

And if your business or organization is in dire need of a new or updated logo and/or graphics, you can contact Ben Dryden via email: drydenwire@gmail.com, call: 715-214-8468, or send a message through Facebook

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