For the first 3 years, we at have typically only published obituaries from Washburn County. On January 1, 2019, we began including 3 additional counties: Barron; Burnett: and Sawyer.  We will also begin to publish Polk County obituaries in the month of Feburary. These five counties represent 75% of our viewers so it only made sense to include the those obituaries.

To view our obituary page on:


Simply click the menu item "Obituaries".

Tablet / Mobile

Click the "hamburger" button (three horizontal bars) on the top right side of our header.

Then Select "Obituaries"

You can also simply enter the URL of our obituary page in your browser directly:

We typically update all of the obituaries between 7a and 9a.

If you have an obituary you would like to submit, you may do so by emailing us at

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