(WRN) -- A Republican Congressman from Wisconsin says he sees no problem with President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter to connect with the public.

Following a town hall meeting in Wausau this week, Duffy argued the social media platform is a way for the president to bypass the unfair media. “Through his tweeting, he has the ability to talk directly to the American people and put his viewpoint on what’s happening in the news…he gets around those talking heads,” he said.

However, the Central Wisconsin Republican does admit Trump needs to be more “judicious” in the language he uses online, but doesn’t think he should stop using the platform.

Trump has been under fire this week for a tweet aimed at North Korea, in which he argued his nuclear button was bigger than North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un’s. Trump’s use of social media has long been a target of critics, who argue many of his statements have damaged U.S. diplomacy.

Duffy’s comments follow an often contentious town hall meeting in Wausau Thursday, where he faced questions about the Trump/Russian investigation, gun control, and the recently enacted tax overhaul. Duffy defended his vote for the tax plan, arguing it could spur economic growth. “I believe that when you reduce your regulations and reduce your taxes on companies, I think companies grow, and you’ll see taxes grow,” he argued.

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