EAU CLAIRE, WI -- Authorities in Eau Claire, WI are asking for the public’s help in solving a two-decade long homicide investigation case involving Angelina Wall, according to a press release from the Eau Claire Sheriff’s Office.

Press Release

Today, Wednesday January 6th, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Angelina Wall. Angie, as most of you know, was walking home from her job at McDonalds on Hastings Way and was later discovered by the roadside on rural Highway J near Fall Creek. Angie was just 22 years old and was just beginning her life, a life where she was loved by her husband and so many others, especially her mother Lori.

We know that there are persons out there who know what happened to Angie that cold January morning, and we are asking those persons to finally have the courage to come forward to end this nightmare, not just for Angie’s mom Lori, but for yourselves as well. We know it may be difficult to come forward, but you have dealt with this nightmare long enough, and so has Lori. Lori’s only request is that she finds out what happened to Angie that morning.  Not knowing has tormented Lori, and taken an awful toll on her health. Lori hopes she will learn the truth before God takes her home.

Until it is resolved, this case will never go away. This department is committed to doing whatever it takes to bring closure for Angie’s friends and family, and for all of those involved. Thanks to several new forensic techniques, we do have some evidence that will help verify who was involved once they are identified. We still need that one last piece of the puzzle that will bring an end to this nightmare that began January 6, 2001.

Please, have the courage to pass on that information regardless of how small or major a contribution you think that may be. Lori knows it won’t bring Angie back, but it will allow Lori and all of those who loved Angie to move on with their lives in peace.

If you have information on this case please call Detective Don Henning at 715-839-5103. Your information can remain anonymous if you wish.

Last Update: Jan 06, 2021 10:26 am CST

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