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On Friday May 29th, 2020, we at the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office were notified of some very concerning social media commentary related to the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office and a Deputy that were made on various social media accounts. These comments were in relation to the recent tragic events that are unfolding in the greater Minneapolis and St Paul area.

This highly inappropriate comment was made by Mr. Edgar Henricks on a public Facebook page and is attached.

Mr. Henricks currently has no affiliation with the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office and has not since 2008. The commentary that was posted by Mr. Hendricks was highly inappropriate, insensitive, rouge and callous. Rest assured, his apparently skewed view of the Minneapolis/St Paul tragedies are not shared by your local law Enforcement Community, especially the views of the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office or our current staff.

As a reminder please utilize social media sensibly and refrain from taking a post as the whole truth in a matter. There are many sides to a story and many social media accounts offer the public the opportunity to voice their opinions. Opinions are not factual and should not be mistaken as such.

We would like to thank the public for the prompt tip on this posting and we are sorry that one of our former employees has chosen to voice their opinion and associate himself with such a professional organization on social media.

Last Update: May 29, 2020 4:05 pm CDT

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