As of this Wednesday, Carlos and his wife Kennya Escobedo, will be bringing all their great cooking skills to Spooner as they open their second El Tequila Mexican Restaurant, on River Street and Elm in Spooner, formerly the home of Pillar's Poor Boys.

Carlos grew up in the business, learning everything he knows about cooking and running a restaurant from his father who was a chef, starting in Eagle Pass, Texas, and then moving with the family to both the state of Washington and then to Minnesota in order to open their ethnic restaurants to appreciative foodies.

The Spooner location has already been enlarged to seat 55 by taking out the lunch counter which limited the seating to 35.

Carlos opened his Tequila's restaurant in Hayward in May of 2012, which seats 300 and they also opened a bar with appetizers called South of the Border Sport's Bar in Hayward.

Now they've branched out to the Spooner location bringing their excellent food knowledge with along with authentic Mexican decorations including blankets on the walls.

Even though there is already a staff of seven, three in the kitchen and four on the floor, Carlos is looking for two more full-time waitstaff, please apply in person.

There will be specials encouraging the public to “come and try us”, and to get to see what they do.

The Hayward restaurant will be run by their first-born son and both Carlos and Kennya will focus their attention to the new Spooner location.

Carlos has a brother in Texas and two sisters in Minnesota, all in the Mexican food service business, so everyone is carrying on the tradition.

El Tequila's will be open from Monday through Thursdays from 11a to 9p and then Friday and Saturday's they will extend their hours until 10p. They will be closed on Sundays so people can attend church.

They ask your patience when they first open because they only have a small kitchen and everything is so new.

The will have a small bar and also carry beer and Margaritas.

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