Embrace is excited to announce that they will begin offering Seeking Safety to the Washburn County community beginning in late August.

Seeking Safety is a coping skills approach to help people attain safety from trauma and addiction. It is present-focused and designed to be safe, optimistic, and engaging. It is also highly flexible. It can be conducted with any gender, age, any length of time, and also with any type of addiction and trauma. The curriculum offers 25 topics, organized into 4 content areas; interpersonal, cognitive, behavioral, and case management. Each topics represents safe coping skills relvant to trauma and addiction.

Seeking Safety is an evidence-based model with many consistent positive results. It has been studied in a broad range of populations in terms of setting, ethnic diversity, and severity of trauma history and addiction.

The group will begin August 28th and run every Tuesday afternoon from 2pm-3pm at the DNR Service Center in Spooner. Since the program is so flexible, people may join at any time.

For questions, please contact Brittny or Jess at Embrace. 715-635-5245, brittny@embracewi.org or jess@embracewi.org

Last Update: Aug 16, 2018 9:33 am CDT

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