RICE LAKE, WI -- For as progressive as small towns can be, no one ever looks locally for services that are usually available only in the larger cities. It's not easy to find a great message person or an infrared sauna. Indeed, a hydro facial or Microblading would be out of the question locally. Or try to find someone that offers acupuncture, Coolsculpting, or Botox.

Usually, you would be out of luck. Unless that is, you visit the Enliven MedSpa in Rice Lake who not only offers those services but they also provide a dozen or so other services like teeth whitening, enzyme peels, Liposlim injections, and Ionic foot detox. There are cutting-edge skin treatments, eyelash extensions, laser hair removal, and laser work to repair broken facial capillaries. Lasers successfully remove sun and age spots, and they'll even address that unsightly yellow toenail fungus.

The owner and creator of this unique service is Tammy Sevals, a woman who was a bodybuilder for ten years and a sports person all her life. Several years ago, she was a single mother of five children looking to make some serious changes in her life's direction. Taking advantage of an offer for a free facial, she discovered a unique service that brought both health and healing to her. "It was healing from the inside out," she says.

By 2018 she was proficient in all the services she offers today at her spa, located in the Medical Arts Building at 1035 Main Street in Rice Lake. If you're familiar with the town, it's where the old hospital stood for years.

The business has exploded during the past three years to include eleven employees, many of whom are cross-trained in all of the healing arts, making it possible to get an appointment within the week that you call.

Another sign of this growing business is that walls will be coming down soon at their present location to expand their services. Tammy's goal is to eventually build a new MedSpa center from the ground up in the Rice Lake area.

Just about anything you'd need to know is on their website, EnlivenMedSpa.com, or FaceBook. You can call during business hours, 715-790-2190, for more information and book appointments. They're open Monday through Wednesday from 9a until 8p. Thursday from 9a until 5p, Saturday is by appointment only, and they are closed on Sundays.

Brochures and products are available at the spa. The Enliven MedSpa takes checks or cash, all credit cards, and they have a Care Credit card for which you can apply when there. If you're looking for pricing for these fantastic services, it's on the website. Perhaps this is the year you'd like to do something exciting for yourself or someone you love with one of their enticing Spa packages.

Summer's coming, and there's plenty of time to make some adjustments in your life, starting with your body. It might just change the way you view the world.

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