TREGO, Wis. — Heartwood Conference Center & Retreat, owned by Thrivent Financial, is in discussions to possibly sell their 700-acre property.

A spokesperson for Thrivent Financial stated to that nothing has been finalized, however, discussions have been on-going for nearly 6-months.

“Last spring, Thrivent began the process to identify a buyer who may have interest in purchasing Heartwood,” said Callie Briese, Director of External Affairs and Communications for Thrivent Financial in a statement to “At this time there are no signed contracts in place, though an entity has expressed interest in the property.” has learned that the interested entity is America’s Rehab Campus (ARC) of Scottsdale, AZ.

The CEO of ARC, Mike Zipprich, confirmed to earlier today that they are considering the Heartwood Resort location, and if selected, “The Heartwood property would fit well in our expansion plan.”

Mike said that “America’s Rehab Campuses is a treatment campus that is tackling the opioids crisis that has plagued America’s society”.  He also stated that what makes ARC different from others is their “ability to truly save lives. We are a full continuum of care campus. We treat all ages 18-80. This disease has no mercy, it will kill Rich, Poor, Young, Old.”

But it’s not just opioids that they will be focusing on. Mike said that this full-treatment facility is for all substance abuse and addictions, including alcohol and methamphetamine, to name a few. 

“ARC has designed a treatment plan that gives people and their families their life back and is truly a 5-star program very similar to the other world-renowned treatment centers around the world,” Mike concluded.

The Heartwood Conference Center & Retreat was purchased by Thrivent back in 2005 as “a place for Thrivent members and others to relax, reflect and grow,” Carrie added in her statement. “Unfortunately, given the national scope of Thrivent’s membership, it is not being utilized by enough members for Thrivent to continue to own the property. As such, we have come to the conclusion that it is the appropriate time to explore opportunities to divest the property.”

However, because nothing is finalized, Carrie said that Thrivent’s desire is “to keep Heartwood open and operating during the process of finding a potential buyer” and that they will “work closely with the team at Heartwood to continue to provide a positive experience for clients and their guests."

ARC is currently applying to the Washburn County Zoning for permission to open their high-end rehab center.  

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