SPOONER -- Spooner is quickly becoming Stillwater East with shops full of antiques, kitschy items and one of a kind finds that draw tourists and locals alike to Walnut Street where they happily shop.

The shops are so popular that they are taking main street around the corner First and Vine on the corner of Summit and Walnut streets, and now Feather and Nail located off of the east end of Walnut on Front Street.

Owners of Feather and Nail, Katie and Terry, find some people think it's a nail salon while others think it's a specialty hardware store. But it's really a treasure chest of unique items that change on a weekly basis.

This husband and wife team have a history of travel and came to this area from their home in the mountains of North Nevada, a place where they said was absolutely beautiful.

Katie decorated their home with two strong influences, the American Indian and the railroad; both of which played a huge part in America's past.

Hence the shop's name, Feather and Nail.

Due to a parent's illness, traveling Terry needed to move closer to Beloit. Wisconsin and that's where they met, she a former restaurant chef with twelve years of setting, decorating and servicing popular Victorian Teas to management of an antique mall featuring one hundred and eighty dealers. Terry was an antique dealer at the time and that's where their story begins.

Happily, it's led them to this area where they enjoy hunting and fishing and being outside. Katie has a dad and a brother-in-law who work tear down construction in Chicago and that's where many of their 'finds' come from; classic woodwork, light fixtures and windows and flooring from 1920's homes that were built with inspiring craftsmanship and were meant to last for many, many years.

When Feather and Nail first opened last year in April, their mid-century, fifties and sixties chrome furniture flew out the doors in a super fast turnover as do many of their items now.

Terry spent lots of years selling in the beverage industry and he's added many of the signs and even a rug advertisements to the shop where they also carry primitive pieces and unusual items like a Brazilian Rosewood box and a large old-fashioned radio that still works.

Their prices are reasonable for the Spooner market and they've got a lay-away program if you don't care to charge your finds.

Spooner Ladies Night brought in numerous women with lines out to the door confirming that their move to Spooner was a good fit.

They like the atmosphere and the people of the town and hope to be around a long time.

They're located at 515 Front Street and open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10a to 5p.

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