WASHBURN COUNTY -- Felony charges have been filed against a Spooner, WI man for threatening two Spooner Police Officers.

A criminal complaint filed in Washburn County Circuit Court states that on November 3, 2017, the Spooner Police Department stopped a vehicle at around 10:30 PM for speeding within the City of Spooner. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Daniel Hansen, of Spooner, WI.

 Officers noted the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and proceeded to conduct sobriety tests with Hansen. The criminal complaint states that Hansen initially cooperated with officers during the testing, however, when the officers proceeded to request a preliminary breath test from Hansen, he began to exhibit aggressive behavior. Hansen became increasingly agitated and began shouting profanities at the officers.

Hansen’s behavior was captured on camera according to the criminal complaint, including his threats to the officers. Hansen threatened the wives and children of the officers. Hansen allegedly shouted statements to the officers including:

  • “Ever in life I see you, dude, n****r b***h a** mcf*g motherf****r, I see you in Economart or anywhere, you got your girl with you, you got your kids with you, I’m hitting the youngest one first, fa***t!” 
  • “I hope your kids starve and your f***ing wives get raped, you motherf****s”

After Hansen was placed under arrest he was transported to the Washburn County Jail where he ultimately consented to an intoximeter breath test, the results of which showed that Hansen's breath alcohol concentration was .14, according to the criminal complaint. During the booking process at the jail, Hansen allegedly told officers that he drank a whole bottle of tequila as well as 30 bottles of beer. 

Hansen is charged with two counts of Class H Felony Threat to Law Enforcement Officer and 1 count of Misdemeanor Resisting an Officer. The maximum penalty for Class H Felony Threat to a Law Enforcement Officer is imprisonment for not more than 6 years, a maximum fine of $10,000, or both.

The charges were filed against Hansen with a repeat offender penalty enhancer attached because Hansen was previously convicted of 3 misdemeanor charges of Disorderly Conduct. Online circuit court records also show that Hansen was previously convicted of Class B Felony Armed Robbery in 1992, Misdemeanor Endanger Safety/Use/Dangerous Weapon in 2004, and Class H Forgery in 2004.

Online circuit court records show Hansen is also charged with non-criminal Operating While Intoxicated 1st Offense, and Operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration, 1st Offense. 

An Initial Appearance is scheduled for Hansen in Washburn County Circuit Court in January 2018.

Pursuant to the direction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3.6, Trial Publicly, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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