(WRN) -- One of the Democrat candidates for governor says Wisconsin voters should have a chance to weigh in on whether the state should legalize marijuana.

Milwaukee attorney Matt Flynn is calling on the Legislature to put an advisory referendum dealing with legalizing pot on the ballot next November – at the same time voters will decide the governor’s race. “I don’t advocate doing this if the people of Wisconsin don’t want to do it, but I think the people should have a chance to vote on it,” he argues.

Matt Flynn

While he notes sales could generate revenue, Flynn says his biggest motivation is reducing the costs of enforcing drug laws and putting offenders in prison. “The problem of mass incarceration has really hurt our society,” he says. “It has torn apart families, it’s very very expensive…it has real social impacts.”

The idea is not likely to see much support from the Republican-controlled Legislature, where several GOP leaders have said previously they have no interest in legalizing marijuana.

Flynn is one of several Democrats hoping to challenge Republican Governor Scott Walker in 2018, who also opposes making marijuana legal for medicinal or recreational purposes.

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