Today on “Focus on the Faculty” we are featuring a #ShellLakeStrong 3rd grade teacher, Sarah Skinner. Sarah has worked in Shell Lake for 10 years. She is from Roberts, WI and attended the University of Minnesota Duluth after High School. 

Sarah and her husband Adam have two daughters, Jovina and Stella. 

Some of her favorite things are:

  • Movie – Braveheart
  • Author – Kristin Hannah
  • Hobbies – Horseback Riding, reading, watching the Packers and friends & family time

She has two teachers she remembers most from growing up, Mr. Nusbaum and Mrs. Monson. Sarah wanted to be a teacher or a horse trainer when she grew up. One of the funniest things a student has ever said to her was, when Abraham took a shower in the morning he listened to Queen's song
'We are the champions' to get him pumped up!

What Sarah loves most about working at Shell Lake is the KIDS & STAFF!

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