BARRON COUNTY -- A man has been convicted in Barron County Circuit Court on reduced charges following his completion of a deferred agreement. reported in March 2019 that a former Rice Lake School District teacher's aide was facing criminal charges following an investigation into reports that he had been allegedly stalking a former student.

Craig Anderson, of Rice Lake, WI, was charged with Class I Felony Stalking of a minor female student during the time that he was employed at the Rice Lake School District and continuing after he resigned from his employment in November 2018.

According to the criminal complaint, Anderson had contact with the student during the student’s freshman year and provided educational assistance to the student. The criminal complaint states that the student was uncomfortable with Anderson’s attention, including his comments on her clothing.

Anderson also allegedly gave the student a card with a message reading “you are loved”. The student also reported receiving a letter from Anderson following his resignation from the school district. The letter stated “I’m not mad at you, even though I lost my job for talking to you” and went on to say, “I still care about you a lot. I miss you”,  also asking the student to ‘refriend’ the writer, offering free tutoring after school. Anderson sent other letters and gifts to the student, according to the criminal complaint.

Online circuit court records show that Anderson entered a Deferred Agreement regarding his criminal charges. Upon completion of the terms of that agreement, which included 120 hours of community service and payment of a $50 diversion program fee, Anderson appeared for a hearing on October 31, 2019.

At this hearing, the District Attorney made a motion to amend the charges against Anderson to a reduced charge of non-criminal Harassment, and the Court accepted Anderson’s plea of Guilty to the reduced charge. Anderson was ordered to pay court fines of just under $270 within 60 days.

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