RICE LAKE — Breanna Larson is the full-time buyers agent for the Casey Watters Office at Real Estate Solutions. She spends much of her time communicating with Casey’s clients and navigating the roads of Northwest Wisconsin working to pair eager homeowners with the property they’ve been searching for. On many occasions Breanna’s real estate expertise and warm personality has clients mistaking her for Casey Watters herself. Although, clients aren’t too far off… Breanna is Casey’s daughter. We wanted to dig a little deeper to find out a little more about what makes Breanna a real estate leader, so we asked her four unconventional questions.

  1. Do you have pets? Yes! We have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 17 chickens and 2 baby goats!
  2. Ice Cream Malt or Shake? Strawberry Malt.
  3. What is your least favorite household chore? Laundry!
  4. What is your favorite Holiday? HALLOWEEN. October is my birthday month, so I have the best childhood memories of Halloween themed birthday parties! My husband and I now have our own pumpkin patch on our property and host a family trunk or treat and pumpkin picking party each year! Besides, there's something about crisp, fall weather!

Splitting her time between the office and scouting the area for homes aligns perfectly with Breanna’s interests outside of her career. She is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys the bounty of outdoor recreation in our area and the natural beauty each season brings. Breanna’s love for the outdoors is definitely close to her heart, but as she shares stories of trekking in the woods with her husband and young daughter it’s clear that spending time with her family is what Breanna enjoys most. Breanna also takes pride in serving her community. She serves on the board for CASF (Cameron Area Scholarship Foundation) and helps when needed for area fundraisers and events, as well as volunteers with the Casey Watters office to serve meals and help meet the needs of The Benjamin’s House Emergency Shelter.

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Last Update: May 05, 2023 10:29 am CDT

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