RICE LAKE, WI -- Emily is the full-time client service manager in the Casey Watters office at Real Estate Solutions. Emily provides professional support and years of experience in real estate to the clients of the Casey Watters Office. Emily’s love for our local area begins with the views out her window of rolling farm fields and the beautifully painted sunrises and sunsets of NW Wisconsin. Every day Emily enjoys working with clients and is often behind the scenes making sure everything is in order to help clients achieve their real estate dreams. We wanted to dig in a little into what makes Emily a local real estate leader, so we asked her these four unconventional questions.

  1. What is your favorite board game? Scrabble or Cribbage.
  2. Are you right or left handed: Left Handed.
  3. Favorite Musical or Play: Phantom of the Opera.
  4. Do you have any pets? My family and I are overachievers in this area! On our farm we have dogs, cats, horses and more!

Emily works hard to meet the needs of clients and loves to share about her interests outside of her career- the equine themed décor of her office will certainly clue you into the heartbeat of hobbies! Emily, her husband, and two daughters enjoy country living on their farm just outside of Rice Lake. She and her family stay active in local clubs and have a passionate interest in horses. As a family they train for and participate in world class level Reined Cow Horse events through the National Reined Cow Horse Association and the North Central Reined Cow Horse Association.

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Last Update: Apr 23, 2023 11:43 am CDT

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