RICE LAKE, WI -- After 35 years serving as a law enforcement officer in our area, Brett Heino earned his real estate license and joined Real Estate Solutions in 2017. Brett spent the majority of lengthy law enforcement career with the Wisconsin State Patrol right here in Northwest Wisconsin. As a real estate agent, Brett serves the real estate needs of area residents with the same energy and professional support that he gave our area as a law enforcement officer. He enjoys providing his clients with real estate guidance as well as using his professional skills to find solutions to complex situations. To learn more about Brett we asked him these four unconventional questions.

  1. Team Casserole or Team Hotdish? Team Casserole.
  2. If you could teleport anywhere in the world for one day, where would you go? Rome, Italy
  3. Have you ever met a famous person? Yes, a few actually! I’ve met George H. W. Bush (he called everyone “Pardner”), Mitt Romney and Joe Biden.
  4. Favorite food to make? Ciopino (*We had to look this one up and found out that Ciopino is, “Italian American stew of seafood cooked with tomatoes and wine.”)

In addition to his real estate license, Brett has earned a bachelor’s degree from UW-Eau Claire with a comprehensive major in criminal justice. He continues to teach law enforcement courses at the local college in leadership and wellness topics, constitutional law, and communication skills. Brett and his wife reside near Spooner and enjoy spending time with their adult children. The crew at Real Estate Solutions also shared with us that Brett has a real talent for cooking, often whipping up Food Network worthy lunches for the whole office. Everyone gave rave reviews about the detail and care Brett takes in his culinary cuisine… which has us wondering if a Michelin star has ever been awarded to a real estate office?

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