RICE LAKE, WI -- Shelby Losey is the Executive Assistant to the Casey Watters office and plays a key role in supporting the many administrative needs at Casey’s office. From front office work, to client communications, to sourcing real estate signs for newly listed properties, there isn’t a job around the office that Shelby hasn’t pitched in to help with. With her contagious laugh and knack for animated storytelling we had a feeling we might get a glimpse of Shelby’s spirited personality as we switched gears and asked the local real estate leader four unconventional questions.

  1. Have you ever met somebody famous? Yes! Regional celebrity, John Menard. My mom and I met him when I was little while shopping in Eau Claire. He was filming a commercial.
  2. What would you name your pet dinosaur? Thuds McGee and it would be a Stegosaurus.
  3. How do you like your coffee? On the rocks. Haha! Iced Coffee, all day, every day with extra caramel please.
  4. What are your two most used emojis?

Shelby and her family are lifelong residents of the area, making it easy for her to connect and relate to the many local clients that stop into the office. She shares that serving the needs of a wide variety of people in her career is especially rewarding to her- helping serve the needs of everyone from luxury home clients to serving the needs of the homeless with the Casey Watters team at the Benjamin’s House. Her interests outside of work are firmly rooted in our area as well. Shelby and her husband make their home just outside of Cameron and take great pride in raising their three boys. Outside of the office, you’ll see her at school activities, supporting community events, tending to her chickens, or in the yard playing with the kids and two dogs.

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Last Update: May 27, 2023 9:42 am CDT

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