SPOONER, Wis. -- I invite everyone who needs hope: the addict, the lost, the shunned, the broken, the depressed and suicidal, the misfit, those who have been cast out, cast down and downtrodden. I also invite others who need to hear about hope: the family member or friend who is dealing with an addict and is at a loss; the police officer, prison guard or parole officer who thinks there is no hope for those in trouble all the time; to those who think people can't change and they are too far gone; to mothers and father's whose son or daughter has been caught in a life of addiction or crime... Let my story bring hope into all those perspectives in your life! Brian Cole 

Once a dope dealer, now a hope dealer!

After 30+ years involved in Satanism and the occult, 27+ years of incarceration (4 as a juvenile, 23 as an adult), 25+ years as a drug addict, and caught up in many other addictions such as cutting, pornography, sex, dungeons and dragons, etc., in 2009 after being suicidal and almost succeeding on 3 occasions, Brain Cole was arrested for the last time! 

Come and hear Brian's story as he went from Dope to Hope. Free admission.

Restorative Justice will also have the Hiding In Plain Sight room.  It is designed to educate them on some of the things that they may be missing in their teens' room. This room is unique in that it is much more than just listening to a lecture. This is an interactive exhibit for adults only. Parents are invited to come up and look around the room. They try to identify items that could be a sign of risky behavior. Items in the room help parents to better understand that many seemingly ordinary items can have double meanings. The room may also help parents identify the warning signs of drug use before it becomes an addiction. The earlier that parents are aware, the earlier they can intervene.

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