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At the beginning of my second term, I was honored to be named Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Science and Technology. Last week, this newly created committee met for the first time to hold a hearing on AB 191 which allows operation of personal delivery devices (PDDs). We heard from experts in the field about the operation of PDDs on sidewalks and crosswalks. One of the devices was even brought in to demonstrate how it can deliver takeout from a local restaurant. This week, the committee met again to vote and pass AB 191 unanimously. The bill will now go to the full Assembly to be voted on.

This week's featured bills:
  • LRB 1974: This bill allows a rural ambulance service provider to upgrade its service level to the highest level of license of any EMT staffing that ambulance if medical director approved.
  • LRB 0186: This bill increases the threshold for bids on public works projects to $75,000. For any projects estimated at greater than $75,000 bids must be solicited and the contract awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.
Fab Lab Day

Congratulations to the Turtle Lake School District on receiving their second Fab Lab grant! Fab Labs foster innovation and prepare students with the necessary skills to excel in today's economy. With this round of funding, Wisconsin is leading the nation in Fab Lab development in our schools. To find out more about the Turtle Lake Fab Lab click here.

Thank you to all who have written or called to voice their opinions or ask questions. My office is always open, and your feedback truly helps guide my thinking.

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