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FREDERIC -- A new DERO FIXIT bike repair station was installed next to the Frederic SOO Line Depot/Museum, located on the Gandy Dancer State Trail.

The repair station features an assortment of commonly used bicycle tools and an air pump.Bike riders on the trail occasionally need to air up a tire, or make an adjustment, or repair, to their bike during a ride.

The bike repair station was sponsored by the Frederic Area Historical Society, the Friends of the Gandy Dancer State Trail, the Mark and Nancy Buley Family Foundation and New World Construction.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it an increase in socially distant outdoor activities, an increase in bike sales, and more people out enjoying our family friendly, safe, people powered recreation trails. State Trail Pass sales have been strong locally and statewide.

The Friends of the Gandy Dancer State Trail have been making improvements to the trail over the past years. Trees were planted along the trail corridor in Luck. Three information kiosks are being installed in Siren, Webster and Danbury. Over 200 hours of volunteer time on the trail have been logged. 5,500 new trail maps have been printed and distributed locally and nationally. The mission of the Friends is to make ongoing improvements to ensure our residents and visitors have the best experience possible enjoying our trails.

For more information on the Friends of the Gandy Dancer State Trail visit:

The Gandy Dancer State Trail now has two repair stations, the second one is in Luck, and the Stower 7 Lakes State Trail has one in Amery.

--Frederic Area Historical Society

[PHOTO: Bike rider making a minor adjustment at the new bike repair station at the Frederic SOO Line Depot/Museum in Frederic]

Last Update: Oct 02, 2020 9:36 am CDT

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