WAUSAU – Gov. Tony Evers today sent a letter to Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature assigning legislative homework and asking the Legislature to pass several key pieces of legislation before adjourning this year.

“I am proud of the work we did last year to work across the aisle on the pressing issues facing our state from cutting taxes for middle-class families to investing in our kids and schools to fixing our roads and bridges, but there is still much work we have yet to do this session,” Gov. Evers said.

“Today I’m asking the Legislature to get to work and pass important pieces of legislation that have already introduced, many of which have broad, bipartisan support. The people of Wisconsin deserve to have elected officials who show up and get things done, so I’m also asking the Legislature stay in session as long as is necessary to accomplish these important priorities.”

The governor outlined many accomplishments from last year—including meeting benchmarks set by Republicans in 2019—and announced his support for several pieces of legislation, asking the Legislature to pass several key bills that have already been introduced in addition to other priorities the governor will announce in the coming weeks.

A copy of Gov. Evers’ letter can be found here.

Last Update: Jan 09, 2020 11:04 am CST

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