MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers announced today his appointment of Aaron Marcoux to serve as Washburn County District Attorney, according to a press release from the Governor's Office.

(Press Release) -- Mr. Marcoux is currently the assistant district attorney in Washburn County, handling the criminal caseload for the entire county. He has just under a decade of experience practicing law in Northern Wisconsin, including as an assistant district attorney and a public defender. 

“Aaron Marcoux cares deeply about serving his community. His roots in Washburn County and his commitment to service will serve the people and the county well. What’s most exciting about Mr. Marcoux is his passion for innovative ways to improve the criminal justice system to better serve all the people in Washburn County,” said Gov. Evers. 

Gov. Evers’ appointment of Mr. Marcoux fills a vacancy created by the resignation of former district attorney Angeline Winton, who Governor Evers appointed to be Washburn County circuit court judge. Mr. Marcoux will fill the remainder of the unexpired term that ends January 2021.

District Attorney Maroux submitted the following statement to

I am honored to accept Governor Evers’ appointment for Washburn County District Attorney. I look forward to serving alongside Sheriff Stuart and Judge Winton. I am extremely optimistic about the opportunities that lay before us all in Washburn County. While my predecessors have left large shoes to fill I envision a justice system in Washburn County that is on the cutting edge of Evidence Based Decision Making Protocols while still aggressively fighting the Methamphetamine Epidemic. Again, I thank Governor Evers for the opportunity to serve all of Washburn Counties great citizens.

Aaron Marcoux will be our very special guest on DrydenWire Live! on Friday, October 04, 2019. 

Last Update: Sep 29, 2019 1:18 pm CDT

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