Gov. Evers Signs Sixteen Bipartisan Bills

Gov. Tony Evers today signed 16 bills into law. The governor acted on the following bills.

Gov. Evers Signs Sixteen Bipartisan Bills

MADISON -- Gov. Tony Evers today signed 16 bills into law. The governor acted on the following bills: 

Assembly Bill 67, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 85:

  • Requires the Department of Public Instruction to include in the annual school report card the percentage of students participating in music, dance, drama, and visual arts for each high school and school district, and the statewide percentage of participation.   

Assembly Bill 110, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 86:

  • Requires the Department of Public Instruction to establish an advisory committee to develop a guidebook related to dyslexia and related conditions for parents, guardians, teachers, and school administrators. 

Assembly Bill 135, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 87:

  • Allows private detectives, investigators, or private security personnel licensed to carry firearms by the Department of Safety and Professional Services to carry electric weapons while on duty to provide a nonlethal alternative. 

Assembly Bill 192, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 88:

  • Ensures reimbursement for clinical consultations with a parent on behalf of a student under the age of 21 in the Medicaid program.

Assembly Bill 197, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 89:

  • Prohibits any Department of Transportation requirements for driver school offices located in residences from applying if students and the public have no access to the office. 

Assembly Bill 287, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 90:

  • Allows a physician and a physician assistant or nurse practitioner to make findings of incapacity for a health care power of  attorney to become effective and for admission to a hospice; and 
  • Allows a physician assistant or an advanced practice registered nurse to certify that a patient is afflicted with a terminal condition or is in a persistent vegetative state and would allow an attending physician assistant or an attending advanced practice registered nurse to issue do-not-resuscitate orders.

Assembly Bill 445, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 91:

  • Permits a church over 100 years old to install a stairway chair lift to assist individuals and improve accessibility for congregational activities. 

Assembly Bill 564, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 92:

  • Expands the definition of children with special needs who are eligible for adoption assistance to include a child who is seven years or older, if age is the only factor in determining eligibility, or a child who is a member of a sibling group of two or more children that must be placed together; and
  • Allows the Department of Children and Families to submit a request to the Joint Committee on Finance to transfer moneys from another appropriation to fund the increased assistance payments. 

Senate Bill 125, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 93:

  • Requires the Department of Natural Resources to obligate up to $5.2 million in unobligated moneys from the Stewardship 2000 Program to fund high-priority water infrastructure projects in state parks; and 
  • Increases the amount appropriated to the department for state park operations by $300,000 SEG in fiscal year 2019-20.

Senate Bill 156, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 94:

  • Allows retired architects, landscape architects, professional engineers, designers and professional land surveyor credential holders to maintain their title by applying to renew the credential in a retired status classification and paying half of the credential application renewal fee.

Senate Bill 158, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 95:

  • Creates a new presumption of paternity through genetic testing and generally requires the court in a paternity action to order genetic testing. 

Senate Bill 160, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 96:

  • Allows school board members to provide notice of special meetings by e-mail, text message, phone call, in-person, or by mail. 

Senate Bill 163, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 97:

  • Makes battery to a nurse or health care professional who is working in a hospital a Class H felony. 

Senate Bill 231, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 98:

  • Allows bows and crossbows to be possessed in or on a stationary vehicle, all-terrain vehicle or utility terrain vehicle.

Senate Bill 335, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 99:

  • Creates election and recount procedures for lake protection and rehabilitation district board elections.

Senate Bill 390, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 100:

  • Ratifies and enters Wisconsin into the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact. 

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