MADISON -- In response to the first case of the 2019 novel coronavirus in Wisconsin, Governor Evers issued the following statement:

“This morning I was briefed by the team handling the response at the Department of Health Services. While we now have a confirmed case of coronavirus in Wisconsin, the risk to the general public remains low. We are working aggressively to respond to and monitor this situation. DHS and their local and federal partners are working together to prevent disease transmission by evaluating close contacts of the patient and health care personnel who care for the patient with the confirmed case.

“Individuals who have been potentially exposed to the patient with the confirmed case are being contacted and advised on symptoms to watch for and steps to take if they experience symptoms.  When someone is being evaluated for the virus or has been in close contact with a confirmed case, they are placed in isolation. I want to be very clear: ethnic background has no influence on risk of coronavirus. Only travel history or direct close contact with a case would put someone at risk of transmission. Our public health officials are responding with extreme caution.

“I want to thank the Department of Health Services, the Centers for Disease Control and local health departments who have been working around the clock to protect Wisconsinites. Any time we are faced with a new disease threat, it can be an anxious time, because there are many unknowns. I want to reinforce that Wisconsin has incredible health professionals who are up to this task, and that the risk to the general public remains low.”

Last Update: Feb 07, 2020 9:48 am CST

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