Governor Tony Evers Signs 12 More Bills Into Law, Vetoes 4 Others

Gov. Tony Evers has taken action on an additional 16 bills.

Governor Tony Evers Signs 12 More Bills Into Law, Vetoes 4 Others

MADISON -- Gov. Tony Evers has taken action on an additional 16 bills. 12 were signed into law with four others falling under a veto.

The governor signed the following bills:

Assembly Bill 121, now Wisconsin Act 60:

  • Eliminates the need to obtain a barbering or cosmetology license to practice natural hair braiding.

Assembly Bill 56, now Wisconsin Act 61:

  • Specifies that the amount of state aid that would have been paid to a tax incremental financing district (TID) that closes or has already closed will be distributed to the applicable, underlying tax jurisdictions in the year following the termination and in each year thereafter.

Assembly Bill 163, now Wisconsin Act 62:

  • Provides an exemption from the current prohibition on anyone from discharging a firearm within 50 feet from the center of a roadway to allow the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) or an agent of a city, town, village, or county that is authorized by the department, to shoot a beaver or muskrat that is causing damage to a highway if the discharge does not pose a risk to public safety.

Senate Bill 14, now Wisconsin Act 63:

  • Authorizes any justice or judge to officiate a wedding.

Senate Bill 15, now Wisconsin Act 64:

  • Reduces the age at which a regular instructional permit for operating a motor vehicle can be obtained from 15 years and 6 months to 15 years of age; and
  • Increases the required number of supervised driving hours needed to obtain a probationary driver’s license from 30 to 50 hours.

Senate Bill 66, now Wisconsin Act 65:

  • Removes the requirement that an original recording of oral testimony to a judge via electronic means that forms the basis of a warrant application be filed with the court.

Senate Bill 70, now Wisconsin Act 66:

  • Requires the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) to display information on its website about general purpose revenue collected by source and the purpose for which it is spent;
  • Allows cooperation between the DOR and the Department of Administration (DOA) for the compilation and display of this information; and
  • Requires that the DOR’s e-filing website include a link to the information regarding general purpose revenue collection and expenditures as well as its existing local government revenue and expenditure data dashboard.

Senate Bill 84, now Wisconsin Act 67:

  • Extends the sunset date for the private on-site wastewater treatment system (POWTS) grant program from June 30, 2021 to June 30, 2023;
  • Requires the Department of Safety and Professional Service (DSPS) to prepare and provide residential POWTS eligibility literature and fund a study recommending ways to mitigate ground and surface water contamination risk from septage; and
  • Provides two full-time program revenue project positions to assist with permit processing, review of POWTS programs in governmental units responsible for regulating such systems, and training and informational programs.

Senate Bill 174, now Wisconsin Act 68:

  • Extends the period during which capital expenditures related to the construction or expansion of fire stations and purchases of police and fire equipment may be incurred for a tax incremental district (TID) located in an electronics and information manufacturing zone from 7 years to 15 years, impacting TID Number 5 in the village of Mount Pleasant in Racine County.

Senate Bill 187, now Wisconsin Act 69:

  • Allows a member of a village board to receive an hourly wage, not exceeding $15,000 each year, as a village employee.

Senate Bill 269, now Wisconsin Act 70:

  • Raises the maximum allowable weight for a utility terrain vehicle from 2,000 pounds to 3,000 pounds.

Senate Bill 329, now Wisconsin Act 71:

  • Eliminates the current requirement that athletic trainers have their evaluation and treatment protocol signed by a consulting physician.

In addition to signing the above bills, Gov. Evers today also vetoed four bills. The governor's veto messages are available below.

Veto message for Assembly Bill 191

Veto message for Assembly Bill 407

Veto message for Assembly Bill 367

Veto message for Assembly Bill 383

Last Update: Jul 09, 2021 12:33 pm CDT

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