Governor Tony Evers Grants Another 33 Pardons

Gov. Evers announced he has granted another 33 pardons, bringing his total number of pardons granted to 449.

Governor Tony Evers Grants Another 33 Pardons

MADISON, Wis. -- Gov. Tony Evers today announced he has appointed two additional members to the Governor's Pardon Advisory Board. Additionally, the governor also announced today he has granted another 33 pardons, bringing his total number of pardons granted to 449.

“Anthony Cooper and Reverend John McVicker will bring necessary and unique perspectives to the Board, and I am glad to be making these two appointments who will be assets to the pardon review process moving forward,” said Gov. Evers. “I look forward to continuing our work together to pardon those who have worked hard to move forward and make amends, including the 33 individuals I am announcing today who have received a pardon.”

Gov. Evers’ new appointees to the Pardon Advisory Board include:

  • Anthony Cooper, Sr. serves as the vice president of Strategic Partnership and Reentry Services at Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development. He was granted a pardon from Gov. Evers in January 2021.
  • Reverend John McVicker, Sr. is the founding pastor of Christ the King Baptist Church in Milwaukee. He additionally serves as board chairman for King's Academy Christian School, is an associate chaplain for the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department, is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., a member of 100 Black Men of Greater Milwaukee, and serves as vice chair of the Board of Directors for So Sent I You.

The Governor’s Pardon Advisory Board heard from applicants virtually on Feb. 11, 2022, and applications that were selected for expedited review or recommended by the Board were forwarded to Gov. Evers for final consideration.

Gov. Evers granted pardons to the following people:

  1. Eddie Anthony was 17 when he refused to pull over for officers. He now works as an accountant, payroll processor, and tax specialist in Milwaukee, where he resides with his family.
  2. John Armstrong was 18 when he sold a small amount of fake hash to an undercover officer. In the two decades since, he has obtained a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and has volunteered with the local fire department and several environmental groups. He resides in Mazomanie with his daughter. Both the court and the district attorney’s office supported his pardon application.
  3. Jack Barnum was 25 when he twice attempted to purchase a controlled substance from a confidential informant. He and his family now reside in San Antonio, Texas, where he works as an insurance agent and teaches yoga.
  4. James Bauer was 50 when he turned to selling marijuana after the stock market crashed. He resides in Spooner with his family and has worked as a welder since his conviction.
  5. Kareem Bearden was in his twenties when he was caught in possession of THC and other controlled substances. He now owns his own trucking company and resides in Milwaukee.
  6. Katheryn Buskager was 17 when she and her friends broke into one of their parents’ homes and took money and jewelry. In the two decades since, she has earned associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in business administration. Buskager and her children reside in Madison.
  7. Joseph Christensen was 19 when he was arrested for selling marijuana to fellow college students. He has since earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and resides in Austin, Texas, where he is the CEO and owner of a protein snack bar company.
  8. Michelle Christman was 26, when she drove while intoxicated and led police on a high-speed chase. Later, she was also arrested for attempted retail theft. Since her conviction, Christman has remained sober, obtained two master’s degrees to accompany her existing Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and is now a faculty member at two universities in Chicago.
  9. Farrah Coles was 29 when she sold a controlled substance to an undercover police officer. She now resides in Fond du Lac with her children, where she has worked with disadvantaged youth.
  10. Darkis Davis was 19 when he sold marijuana to undercover officers and was caught in possession of controlled substances. More than 20 years later, he and his family now live in Milwaukee, where he works as an industrial equipment sales manager.
  11. Jacob Dredske was 18 when he drove friends to purchase a controlled substance. He now resides in Palmyra and has maintained steady employment with a car dealership.
  12. Jonathan Erickson was 18 when he and some friends broke into a deer camp and stole several items. He is now a firefighter, swiftwater rescue technician, and auto mechanic in Marinette.
  13. Amy Espe was in her thirties and struggling with substance use when she forged a friend’s checks, took a car from a dealership, failed to report information for public assistance, and fraudulently used another’s credit card. She has since maintained sobriety and resides in Onalaska with her husband and dogs.
  14. Friedrich Glas was 20 when he and some friends stole a soda machine from a car racing track. He and his wife now live in Kansasville, where they own and operate a building excavation business. Glas also volunteers with his local fire department.
  15. Lane Glasbrenner was 31 when he physically assaulted a minor working on his dairy farm. The victim and the victim’s parents supported his pardon application, along with the court. Glasbrenner resides in Boscobel.
  16. Allen Holmes was 18 when he was involved with the robbery of a credit union. Three decades later, he and his family now live in Milwaukee, where he has worked on the city’s sewer repair crew for nearly two decades.
  17. Brian Kaspar was 19 when he sold marijuana to undercover officers on three occasions nearly thirty years ago. He now resides in Burlington, where he owns and operates an auto dent removal business.
  18. John Klose, Jr. was 24 years old when he was caught smoking marijuana. He now resides in Brookfield, has obtained his master’s degree in business administration, and owns his own real estate business.
  19. Myles Kunnanz was 17 when he was involved in a home invasion during which he took an individual’s wallet. He is now a commercial diver and remote medical EMT, volunteering his skills to help communities impacted by hurricanes. He resides in Houston, Texas.
  20. James Last was 18 when he got in a physical altercation with his friend. Over 23 years later, he is now a proud husband and father who helped establish a scholarship fund in honor of his daughter. He works as a property manager in North Fond du Lac, where he resides.
  21. Brittany Lincicum was 20 when she assisted in the burglary of the gas station where she worked and twice drove away from a gas station without paying. She now resides in Madison and is a proud mother.
  22. Tenisha Love was 21 when she used a hospital patient’s records to purchase a stereo. Now two decades later, she has pursued a career in nursing and manages caregiving for elderly adults. She resides in Milwaukee with her family.
  23. Cheryl Meeks was in her twenties when she robbed an individual and attempted to steal a refrigerator from a residence. She has since earned an associate and bachelor’s degree in theology, a license of evangelism, and master’s and doctorate degrees in Christian counseling. She resides in Milwaukee, where she shares her story and works as a caregiver.
  24. Rose Ann Moran was 25 years old when she sold marijuana to an undercover officer three times. Nearly four decades later, she has retired from working in manufacturing and now enjoys gardening in her Racine neighborhood.
  25. Peter Orlando was 27 years old when he paid someone to steal a car for him. In the 32 years since, he has retired from a career in construction. He now resides in Greenfield with his family.
  26. Rebecca Pressley was 18 when she and other family members physically assaulted a woman who she later discovered was a witness in a court case. She was also later caught selling a controlled substance to a confidential informant. Over two decades later, she has worked towards an associate degree and now resides in Milwaukee with her children. The court supports her pardon application.
  27. Lance Reyzer was 22 when he sold a controlled substance to an undercover officer. Forty years have passed since this offense, and he has had stable employment as a mechanist. He resides in Roberts with his family, and the court has no objection to his pardon application.
  28. John Soletski was in his mid-fifties when he sold marijuana out of his residence. A proud father, he now resides in Green Bay with his family.
  29. Lawanda Toney was 23 when she deposited a fraudulent check in her bank account. Over two decades later, she now works as a certified nursing assistant and resides in Milwaukee with her children.
  30. Dara Vang was 17 when he stole a car so he could drive to school. After graduating high school, he earned an associate degree in mechanical design technology. A proud father, he now resides in Milwaukee with his family.
  31. Ryan Voegeli was 19 when he sold controlled substances to a confidential informant and undercover officer. He received resounding support from community members, in addition to support from both the court and district attorney’s office. He owns a small excavating business in Monroe, where he resides with his family.
  32. Keith Williams was 19 when he was found with a controlled substance. Now 26 years later, he is a father and grandfather and works as a semi driver. He resides in Milwaukee.
  33. Wayne Wilson was 19 when he robbed a paperboy. In the over four decades since, he has worked as a warehouseman and resided in Milwaukee. The district attorney’s office supports his pardon application.

The Wisconsin Constitution grants the governor the power to pardon individuals convicted of a crime.

A pardon is an official act of forgiveness that restores rights lost when someone is convicted of a felony, including the right to serve on a jury, hold public office, and hold certain professional licenses.

A pardon does not expunge court records.

Last Update: Mar 24, 2022 2:42 pm CDT

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