Grantsburg Revitalization Operation (GRO) is the proud recipient of a $37,000 grant from Grantsburg Telcom. The company provides local and long distance service, internet and cable television to the village of Grantsburg and surrounding area.

The annual grant was awarded to GRO earlier this year and is made possible by an increase in Grantsburg Telcom’ s cellular investment income in recent years.
GRO applied for the funding to help with its projects, including the development of a multi-purpose trail along Olson Drive from Highway 70 to Memory Lake Park.

The trail will provide a safe place to walk, run or bike along Olson Drive where there isn’t a sidewalk, and will help tie the highway to downtown.

Trails also promote physical activity, fitness and health and can improve the overall character of the community. $22,500 will be set aside from the total to be used for materials for the trail. Additional funding will be raised to cover labor and maintenance.
The remaining funds will be used for other projects including the fitness trail development. The fitness trail is planned for the fall of 2018 at the swimming pool park.

$10,000 of the total award is earmarked to help cover the fitness station equipment. A fundraising program will begin this summer to raise further funds for the fitness trail development.

The remaining $4,500 will be used to construct a natural resource kiosk at Memory Lake Park this summer. The kiosk will promote Grantsburg’s trails, bike routes, waterways, fishing, hunting, birding areas as well as public amenities such as the library, golf course, parks and campgrounds.
GRO president Nicki Peterson said, “We are extremely grateful to Grantsburg Telcom for selecting GRO as this year’s recipient of the grant funds. The projects we are working on will be beneficial to all residents as well as attractions to visitors. Thank you for seeing our vision and helping us make it a reality.”

Last Update: May 18, 2018 9:31 am CDT

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