Felony charges have been filed in Burnett County Circuit Court against a Grantsburg, WI man who has been charged following burglary complaints at two Burnett County taverns/bars. 

Alan J. Schwartzbauer is facing multiple felony charges in relation to the burglary of one Burnett County business, Last Call bar; and the attempted burglary of another Burnett County business, Midtown Tavern. 

A press release issued by the Burnett County Sheriff's Office regarding the investigations into recent tavern burglaries in Burnett County was published by DrydenWire.com on October 17, 2017, and two of the businesses listed in the press release were the Last Call bar and the Midtown Tavern.

Schwartzbauer is the 1st in what is expected to be several more arrests and charges in the tavern burglaries.

According to the two criminal complaints filed against Schwartzbauer, on October 3, 2017, a break-in occurred at the Last Call bar, located at 7011 State Highway 70, causing damage to a door and other items of property. In addition, a large amount of cash was taken from the bar.

The criminal complaints filed against Schwartzbauer state that an attempted burglary of the Midtown Tavern was also reported to the Burnett County Sheriff's Office in which damage was found to a window on the south side of the building.

On October 4, 2017, the Burnett County Sheriff's Office confirmed that Schwartzbauer had been at the Minit Mart in Grantsburg, WI, on October 3, 2017, and purchased over $70.00 worth of merchandise with five dollar bills.

The investigation by the Burnett County Sheriff's Office continued, leading to an interview on October 6, 2017, at the Polk County Jail with an inmate there who stated that sometime within the last month, he had provided a ride to Schwartzbauer during which he dropped Schwartzbauer off at the Midtown Tavern. A few minutes later, Schwartzbauer allegedly called and asked to be picked up and then later that same night asked to be dropped off again at the Midtown Tavern. The inmate went on to say that the second time he dropped him off, Schwartzbauer had bolt cutters and was wearing gloves and a bandana as a face mask. After about 10 minutes had gone by, Schwartzbauer called to be picked up again, and according to the inmate, Schwartzbauer was “pissed” because he couldn't figure out how to get into the Midtown Tavern.

The inmate went on to state that Schwartzbauer asked him to drop him off at the Last Call bar that same night after closing time for the bar. Sometime later, Schwartzbauer came back to the car that he was driving, and he had bank bags, some papers, and some cardboard. Schwartzbauer allegedly gave him half of the money that he had taken from the Last Call bar, around $2,500. He stated that the cash was mostly in the denominations of $5.00 and $10.00 bills. He stated that he spent most of his portion on gambling and that at the time he was arrested he had the remaining $300.00 in his wallet.

Schwartzbauer is charged with the following in these two cases filed against him in Burnett County Circuit Court:

  • One count of Class F Felony Burglary of the Last Call bar
  • One count of Class F Felony Attempted Burglary of the Midtown Tavern
  • One count of Class H Felony Theft from the Last Call bar
  • Two counts of Class I Felony Possession of Burglarious Tools (bolt cutters)
  • Seven counts of Class H Felony Bail Jumping
  • Two counts of Criminal Damage to Property of the Last Call Tavern

DrydenWire.com reported earlier this year, on March 27, 2017, regarding charges which were filed against Schwartzbauer in Burnett County Circuit Court for Felony Possession of Methamphetamine; Misdemeanor Possession of THC (Marijuana), Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; and Misdemeanor Bail Jump following a traffic stop of a vehicle which Schwartzbauer was driving.

Schwartzbauer also has several other pending circuit court cases filed against him in both Polk County and Burnett County charging him with Class I Felony Falsely Present Controlled Substance, Class I Felony Possession of Methamphetamine, seven additional counts of Class I Felony Bail Jump, two counts of Misdemeanor Bail Jump, and two counts of Misdemeanor Retail Theft. The details of those other cases are not known to DrydenWire.com at this time.

The Burnett County Circuit Court has issued arrest warrants for Schwartzbauer, and it is believed that at the time of this story, Schwartzbauer remains in the custody of the Polk County Jail.

Pursuant to the direction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3.6, Trial Publicly, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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Update on Investigation Into Recent Tavern Burglaries in Burnett County

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 | BCSO l Press Release

Detectives have identified multiple suspects in connection to a recent series of burglaries to several taverns throughout the county. Between the dates of September 06 and October 06, the following establishments reported burglaries: American Legion, Dreamers, T-Dawgs, and Denny’s Lanes in the Village of Grantsburg; Last Call, Town of Meenon; Black and Orange, Village of Webster; Otis’, Town of Blaine; and Fishbowl Bar, Town of Swiss. An attempted burglary was also reported at Midtown Tavern in the Town of Meenon.

Detectives are currently working with investigators from Polk and St. Croix Counties who are investigating similar burglaries to establishments in their jurisdictions which are believed to involve the same suspects as the incidents in Burnett County.

No arrests have been made in these incidents. As the investigation into these burglaries is ongoing, no other information can be released at this time.

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Rash of Burglaries Reported in Burnett County

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 | DrydenWire

The Burnett County Sheriff’s Office says that they are investigating a string of recent burglaries reported in Burnett County. So far, the businesses that have been burglarized have been bars or bar-type establishments.  

The Sheriff's Office provided DrydenWire.com the following list of businesses that have reported burglaries:

  1. 9/6/17 - The American Legion Tavern; Grantsburg
  2. 9/9/17 - The Last Call Bar; Siren
  3. 9/11/17 - The Black and Orange Bar; Webster
  4. 9/11/17 -The 10th Hole; Danbury
  5. 9/11/17 - Denny’s Lanes; Grantsburg
  6. 9/11/17 - Dreamer’s St Croix Bar and Grill; Grantsburg

The Sheriff’s Office is asking if other area businesses have had recent break-ins, to call them at: 715-349-2121.

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