BURNETT COUNTY -- The Court has sentenced a Grantsburg, WI man regarding his felony charges of repeated sexual assault of the same child.

DrydenWire.com reported in September 2018, that Alan Byers was charged with two counts of Class C Felony Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child following a law enforcement investigation into a child’s statement that Byers had sexual contact with the child.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Byers, two days after the statement was received, he arrived at the Sheriff’s Department voluntarily and made a statement that on more than one occasion he had exposed his genitals to the child (age 7 at the time of the report), and allowed the child to touch his genitals.

Online circuit court records show that Byers appeared for a sentencing hearing in Burnett County Circuit Court on August 14, 2019. The Hon. Daniel Tolan heard a statement from the victim. The State made a recommendation for a 7 year sentence; 2 years of initial confinement followed by 5 years of extended supervision. Defense counsel for Byers made a recommendation for a 5 year sentence with 1 year of county jail time with work release and continued treatment.

The Court ordered a 10 year sentence; 3 years of initial confinement in State Prison, followed by 7 years of extended supervision. Byers will be required to register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life.

Conditions of his extended supervision will require Byers to maintain absolute sobriety; cooperate with and complete any assessment/treatment the Department of Corrections recommends as a condition of Extended Supervision; if requested by the victim, Byers must comply with restorative justice and victim services only if requested by victim; comply with Sex Offender Registry requriements; maintain full time employment; have no contact with the victim or family, unless agreed to by victiims or through an agent or restorative justice.  

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