I am humbled by the personal support so many have given me during this campaign. I am grateful and proud of these endorsements. You can view all of my endorsements on my offical website.  If you would like to offer your endorsement, please messge me on my official Facebook page or email me at richterforsheriff@gmail.com.

8 Area Sheriff’s and many Community Leaders Support Mike!

  • Washburn County Sheriff Terry Dryden
  • Washburn County Sheriff(Ret.) Don Fuller
  • Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald
  • Bayfield County Sheriff Paul Susienka
  • Dunn County Sheriff Dennis Smith
  • St. Croix County Sheriff(Ret.) John Shilts
  • Ashland County Sheriff Mick Brennan
  • Rusk County Sheriff Jeffrey Wallace
  • J.B. Van Hollen
    • Wisconsin Attorney General (2007 - 2015)
    • United States Attorney - Western District of WI (2002 - 2005) 
  • Russ Leeper  Pastor
  • Tom Perlick  Entrepreneur & Farmer
  • Mike Schafer  CEO / Administrator Spooner Health
  • Phil & Nancy Markgren  Spooner Business Owners
  • Bill & Gloria Knutson  Spooner Business Owners
  • Dawn Richter  Mike's Wife & A Law Enforcement Assistant  
  • Jim LeDuc, Washburn County Health and Human Services 
  • Washburn Co. Clerk Lolita Olson
  • Washburn Co. Board Supervisor &Co. Clerk(Ret.) Lynn Hoeppner
  • Washburn Co. Chief Deputy(Ret.)  Larry Avery
  • Washburn County Board Supervisor Steven Sather
  • Washburn Co. Treasurer Nicole Tims
  • Diane Dryden  Local Author & Sheriff's Wife
  • Washburn Co. Board Supervisor Terri Reiter
  • Robert Andrea, Chief of Police (Ret.) City of Spooner
  • Washburn Co. Criminal Justice Coordinator Stephanie Villella
  • Washburn County Clerk of Court (Ret.) Karen Nord  
  • Shell Lake School Superintendent (Ret.) Brian Nord
  • Washburn Co. District Attorney(Ret.) Tom Frost
  • Ben & Jerusha Dryden  Local Business Owners
  • Jamie Morales  Chairman of The Board at Spooner Health
  • Tom Boron, IT Director Washburn County
  • Washburn Co. Clerk of Court Shannon Anderson
  • Washburn Co. Hwy Commissioner Frank Scalzo
  • Washburn Co. Chief Deputy Clerk of Court Amanda Shafer
  • Washburn Co. Criminal Justice Coordinator Stephanie Villella
  • Washburn Co. GIS Director Nathan Nelson
  • Matt Dryden  Local Business Owner
  • Washburn County Jail Administrator Dan Brereton
  • Washburn Co. Maintenance Supervisor Kiko Murphy
  • Dr. Gary Sloniker  Dr. Veterinarian Medicine
  • James Ohm, Special Agent, Wisconsin Department of Justice (Ret.)
  • Chief of Police, Turtle Lake Police Department, Al Gabe

See full endorsements at RichterforSheriff.com/endorsements.

All Endorsements are Personal Endorsements, and not those of the office or position held.

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