We recently had the pleasure of hosting an intern from the Rice Lake School District. Brooke Olson, a senior, spent her Tuesday afternoon’s shadowing Aleisha Janssen, DPT.  

Left to right from Greenfield Physical Therapy Amy Freeman, Matt Hagen, Aleisha Janssen and Student Intern, Brooke Olson

“The first time I walked into Greenfield Physical Therapy, I immediately felt a sense of being welcomed into this warm and comforting clinic” Olson noted in her reflection paper.  She went on to say that Aleisha would ask her about her weekly goal and make sure that she did everything she could to help achieve it.  Brooke said that going to the internship was “easily the best part” of her day and opened her eyes to opportunities that may come her way.

Kelly Orr, Internship Coordinator from Rice Lake High School, was grateful for the support and partnership and said “these real world experiences are impossible to duplicate in the classroom”.  In a recent story with the Rice Lake Chronotype, Orr noted the student participation as:  “complete a cover letter and resume and have an interview. They take part in 70 hours of job shadowing, complete an activity sheet and daily journal, do three article research summaries and a reflection paper.”  Rice Lake District Administrator, Randy Drost said he was thrilled with “all that the teachers, students and businesses have accomplished together.

Internships offer students the opportunity to explore jobs that match their academic and personal interests. We always welcome students interested in internships or job shadowing into our clinic.

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