Diane's Kitchen is not a cooking show but a 30-minute video podcast in our kitchen with people of interest hosted by Diane Dryden. “We’ll drink coffee and discuss what's going on in the neighborhood.”

This Week's Guest

With so many people buying guns, both handguns, and rifles, Georg LaBonte, of Fireline Shooting & Training Center, in Rice Lake, WI is visiting Diane's Kitchen with information about this growing business.

Fireline's emphasis is on the gun training, and Fireline offers multiple classes, from learning all about your new weapon, which is called Introduction to Hand Guns. This class includes information on loading, shooting, and cleaning of the firearm. Also included is learning to take the gun completely apart and putting it back together.

Fireline, which is in the Hobby Lobby strip mall at 2700 Pioneer Ave. has an indoor shooting range, firearms to buy, or try, ammo, and a large assortment of supplies like holsters, targets, a limited amount of ammo, and a wealth of knowledge and information. Fireline is where you can sign up for lessons like Ladies Day, Shoot Camp, or private lessons or memberships.

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The premiere of this week's show aired on DrydenWire's Facebook page at 6p on Sunday, July 19, 2020. A recording can we watched below.

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