This week, it’s gone to the kittens! The first batch of six have just turned old enough to find forever homes, and they are climbing the walls until they do! Well, the kitten condo walls.

With names from the movie Moan, eight-week-olds – Moana, Tala, Tui, Cina, Te-Fiti, and Maui – look like they will end up with medium-to-long hair. There is one light brown tabby, and the rest are combinations of black, gray, and white. Right now, their eyes are all a shade of grey-blue. There are four females and two males. They are curious, active, friendly, and purr easily. If you’re looking for a small fluff ball of your own, now’s the time! We don’t expect them to stick around long. 

We have another set of kittens waiting in the wings. Those little ones have now opened their eyes, started to wander around outside the bed, and are trying to use the litter box. They won’t be available for a while yet but check HSBC’s Facebook page to get a sneak peek.

Kittens are the cutest! But responsible pet ownership includes spay and neuter. Before any of the Moana clan are adopted, they will be spayed or neutered. Help HSBC continue to provide this crucial service by donating towards the spay and neuter program. 

As you can imagine, many kittens have HSBC has been going through some supplies. Current needs right now are cat/kitten toys, KMR formula for kittens, laundry detergent, bleach, and bleach wipes. If you’d like to donate some of these much-needed items, drop them at the Midtown location. 

Now that the weather is so nice are you out biking or walking with your dog? There is a nearly effortless way to help donate to HSBC. WoofTrax is an app for your smartphone that donates to the shelter of your choice according to your distance and how many people walk. If you don’t have a dog, but walk or bike, you can still use the app to raise donations. To learn more and get set up, visit

Don’t forget; the Meow Market is this Saturday, May 19. Come get plants for your gardens, browse the local craft vendors, sample some delicious sandwiches, and take home some baked good to get your energy up after all that transplanting. We’re proud to have all local vendors at this event. We’ll be at the Peggy Schilling Animal Adoption and Education from 10 a.m. -2 p.m.

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