We have been dealing with COVID-19 since March... that’s a long 8 months! Unfortunately, it does not seem to be getting better but worse. We are all starting to feel the effects of it mentally, physically and emotionally. How do we overcome this pandemic as an individual and as a community? Taking care of yourself is always important, it will allow you to also care for others. Here are a few tips to stay well:

1 - Journaling. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, writing your thoughts out on paper helps manage anxiety, reduce stress and help with depression.

2 - Routine. Creating a routine is going to be HUGE when staying at home all the time OR trying to juggle distance learning and a full time job. If the kids are old enough, develop a routine chart where they can cross off tasks or place a sticker in a box. Adults, you can also do this to give yourself some kind of reassurance and confidence that we are moving forward!

3 - Get outside. We all need a break from our screens. Get some fresh air and build forts, go sledding, ride bikes through puddles, or just go for a walk.

4 - Fuel your body, not your emotions. We are all going through hard times and it’s easy to reach for the convenient, yummy, not so nutritious, foods. It may make us feel good for a few minutes but in the long run it makes us feel worse. When we are spending the majority of time at home make sure we set ourselves up for success by having healthier options available.

5 - Find Enjoyment. While we are staying at home, utilize technology via zoom, Facebook Chat, video phone calls, set coffee dates with friends via video chats, or cooking times with relatives. Develop new habits and hobbies that make you feel good! Avoid long TV show binges or staying in your PJs all day. Seize each day and live it to your fullest.

6 - Move! Physical activity is so important for our mind and body. It doesn’t matter how you move, just move! Walking around your kitchen island, up and down stairs, online workouts, workout apps. There really is no excuse to just move!

7 - Do not get caught in Social Media Drama! Avoid it, we already spend WAY too much time in front of a screen, just shut social media off. If you need to connect through social media keep it positive. Be the light in the darkness.

2020 is definitely a year for the record books and one we’ll be talking about for years to come, sharing stories, a few tears and hopefully sharing a few laughs. We will also share how we came together and overcame all obstacles. The best way to overcome this pandemic is to take care of ourselves, our families, our communities and to be kind!

Submitted by: Megan Swenson, Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer from Fitness With Megs

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Last Update: Nov 30, 2020 8:56 am CST

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