Healthy Minute: 'Manageable Side Gigs for Parents in Addiction Recovery'

Healthy Minute: 'Manageable Side Gigs for Parents in Addiction Recovery'

For many individuals who are in addiction recovery, knowing how to move forward and get your life back doesn't come easily. There are many roadblocks, and if you're a parent, there are even more things to consider.

One of the major concerns for those in addiction recovery is finances. It can be difficult to get a career back in focus during recovery, yet this is one of the most important aspects of rebuilding your life and your identity. One option is to find side gigs that will help you earn extra money while you work on bolstering your self-esteem and confidence. This extra work can carry you through the most difficult times and can help you get your finances in shape.

Here are a few of the best tips on finding the right side gigs for you and how to make them work.

Start your own business

If you're creative and enjoy crafting things, such as art, jewelry, or clothing, you can start your own business using one of the many internet platforms available, such as Etsy, Society6, or Handmade Amazon. The great thing about starting your own business is that you call the shots. You can work from home, set your own hours, and get paid to do something you love.

Find a gig in your area

There are many different side jobs available, such as dog walking and running errands, so look online for the best ones based on your availability. Since many of these jobs depend on you being flexible with your hours and keeping up with lots of details, it's a good idea to download an app that will help you keep track of your appointments. Maintaining communication with your clients is essential in making your side gig a success.

Do some freelance work

Freelance work isn't always easy to find, but if you have a talent for writing or accounting, you can find jobs online or in your area that will allow you to work from home while making some extra cash. Writing for blogs is another option, or you could do some advertising on social media to find clients who need tax work done.

Find work with a catering company

Catering companies often employ part-time workers, in part because many of their jobs occur on weekends. If you have weekend availability, this might be a great gig for you to try out. You can make some great tips being a waiter or waitress, and the hours are often relatively short, which will allow you to spend time with your family.

Sell your photos

If you have a good eye with the camera, consider taking some shots of landmarks around your town or of your adorable pets. You can sell these online to stock photo companies, who will then allow them to be used by writers and artists who need images. You can also set up your own photography business if you have the right equipment, which could have you taking photos at weddings and other events.

I've started my business. Now what?

If your side gig involves starting your own business, there are certain steps you'll need to take to get it off the ground. First, you'll need a business name that makes you stand out from the competition. If you're not sure where to start or aren't feeling especially creative, a tool like this brand name generator will provide you with company name ideas in a snap.

Additionally, you need to market your company and your services. An easy way to get started is to build up a social media presence and market yourself locally. Print flyers and post them in your neighborhood, on a community bulletin board or at a local farmer's market, and once business starts rolling in, ask your satisfied clients to recommend you to their friends and family members.

Finding the right side gigs will allow you to make extra money on your own terms, which is incredibly important for individuals in recovery. Talk to your family members and think about what job may be best for your needs, and do some research before making a decision.

Submitted by: Caleb Anderson at Recovery Hope

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