Healthy Minute: Sweet Tooth

Do you have a nagging sweet tooth you’d like to curb? Well, you’re not alone!

Healthy Minute: Sweet Tooth

Do you have a nagging sweet tooth you’d like to curb? Well, you’re not alone! A sweet tooth can feel like a recipe for trouble. You want to satisfy the sugar craving, but you don’t want to indulge in the extra calories or spike your blood sugar. Fortunately, there are dietitian-recommended tricks to help you manage (and conquer…) that deep-seated desire for “just a taste” of a sweet treat.

Try Natural Sweeteners Rather Than Artificial

When you must have a bite of something sweet — go natural. Try sweet-tasting fruits such as berries, apples, oranges, kiwis, peaches or melons. They add extra fiber and antioxidants to your system. You can also try many of them dried or frozen. Frozen grapes are a surprisingly awesome and refreshing snack!

Need an additive? Consider honey, maple syrup, agave nectar or monk fruit for adding to select foods and drinks.

Plan Ahead of Time and Eat

Sweet cravings often happen when our blood sugar is low. To prevent this, plan to eat before hunger is upon you and you feel deprived. Meal and snack-prepping is especially handy. A snack pack can be filled with healthy treats that are both satisfying and enjoyable.

Clean Out Your Kitchen

You can’t indulge a nagging sweet tooth at home if you get rid of processed snacks from your fridge, freezer, pantry and counters. Try to keep those treats out of the house and save them for a special occasion or night out!


Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, is nature’s built-in alarm system. It is best known for helping fuel your body’s “fight-or-flight” instinct in a crisis. Cortisol also has a huge effect on your appetite. Ever notice after an especially stressful day that you reach for chocolate cake rather than carrot sticks?

Distract and Redirect

Changing any habit often requires time spent changing your thoughts. Find yourself dreaming about a sweet bite? Get busy with something that distracts you and redirect your thoughts. This could be a nature walk, arts and crafts, time spent with friends, a phone call or an unfinished task you’ve been meaning to do.

Do Your Research – Read the Label

It’s much easier to choose healthy options if you’re an informed shopper. Read the labels on your favorite processed goodies and scan for sugar, fat, sodium and carb content. The alarming info may sway your decision or even slash your craving. Talk about a reality check!

Attend a Farmer’s Market

Going to your local farmer’s market is a fun event. Bursting with colorful, delicious and healthy food choices and friendly vendors. You’ll probably run into your friends and neighbors as well!

Three local markets are available to you:

  • Siren, Saturday, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, Tesora Restaurant parking lot
  • Grantsburg, Friday, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Burnett Medical Center parking lot (beginning June 28)
  • Alpha, Thursday, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Burnett Dairy parking lot (beginning June 27)

For more info about the markets, email: marketsbcfm@gmail.com or call (715) 349-5845.

Submitted by: Susan Armstrong, Development Director, Community Referral Agency

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