Healthy Minute: Take The Pledge To Save Lives

'70% of people abusing prescription painkillers get them through friends or relatives'

Healthy Minute: Take The Pledge To Save Lives

In recent years, the rate of prescription painkiller overdoses has increased 260% among Wisconsin’s young people ages 12-25. Where are they getting the pills? 70% of people abusing prescription painkillers get them through friends or relatives. What can you do to help? First, store your prescribed medications out of sight and out of reach. Second, safely dispose of extra or unneeded medications. Third, take the pledge to reduce access to prescriptions.

We understand that storing your prescriptions in the medicine cabinet or on the kitchen counter makes it easier for you to remember to take your medications on time. Unfortunately, it also offers easy access to housekeepers, care attendants, family, children and teens. Make sure you’re storing your prescriptions out of sight and if you have the ability, locked up. Don’t have a lockbox or safe? You can purchase combination lock boxes on Amazon for $13.99 each.

In addition to storing medications in a private, locked area, it is important to regularly dispose of any prescriptions you no longer use. Safe disposal locations are located in towns all across Polk and Burnett counties. Call your pharmacy to see if they have an easy to use drug disposal box.

Finally, take the pledge to save lives. Join Wisconsin residents in the pledge to not abuse or share prescription painkillers and help save lives throughout the state:

I am concerned about the growing prescription painkiller abuse problem in Wisconsin. I pledge to use any medications I am prescribed only in the way they were intended by my doctor. I pledge to not share my prescriptions or use anybody else’s. I pledge to safely and securely store my prescription painkillers or other medications and safely dispose of them when they are no longer needed or expired.

I have taken the pledge. Will you?

For more information, toolkits, and safe disposal locations, visit www.DoseofRealityWI.gov

Submitted by: Stacy Hilde, We Support Recovery

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Last Update: Dec 07, 2020 11:30 am CST

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