Why would there even be such a thing as “Hockey Hair?” Hockey hair started as parents were not able to find time during the hockey season to get their kids hair cut. Therefore, when the helmets came off, the flow of hair could be seen. Instead of the embarrassment that could accompany long scraggly hair, the kids started to take pride in their hair and “Hockey Hair” was born.

During the 2018-2019 hockey season, SAYHA is sponsoring an “All Hockey Hair Team” contest.  During Hockey Sign Up Day on October 27th, 2018 players were able to take their before pictures and enter the contest. The contest runs through March 1st, 2019. After March 1st the finalists will be posted for the community to vote on. We can’t wait to share the before and afters with you!

Some of the most popular coifs are (courtesy of MPR graphics):

Note: select the flipcard to view the description on the back.


Here is a sampling of the SAYHA skaters who entered the All Hockey Hair Team contest, and yes the coaches have gotten into the act too and they are going for the beards!

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